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Story Mentor

Story Mentoring

Helen is sought out for her story mentoring and script editing consultancy services. She has a long experience of working with writers, production companies and brands to develop their film and TV projects often because the project has a female protagonist and the development team are keen to explore representation issues. 

Helen contributes a sensitive, supportive and inspirational contribution to all aspects of script development. She provides an innovative and unique multi-layered reading of projects from theme to character.

Helen has worked as a story consultant for numerous international independent writers, film companies and film institutions.

Organisations Helen has worked with include:

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  • Creative England
  • Screen Australia
  • Film Victoria
  • Screen New South Wales
  • Austrian Film Institute
  • Norwegian Film Institute
  • Invisible Republic
  • Women in Film and TV UK
  • Women in Film Santa Fe
  • Cornwall Film Festival
  • Script Factory
  • Drehbuchforum Vienna

Training & Masterclasses

Helen has provided intensive training to film agencies and talent on gender and representation. 

Her Writing the Heroine’s Story has been delivered at many cities throughout the world including London, Melbourne, Sydney, Zurich, Warsaw, Vienna, Copenhagen, Newquay.  She has also delivered gender bias in storytelling training for executives and jurists.


Keynotes & Panel Events

Helen has given numerous talks, lectures and interviews to public and media industry on a wide range of subjects including feminist noir, screenplay development, representation of female characters, gender and screenwriting, freelance writing, and many other topics:

Story Mentor

Get in touch

If you have project you'd like to discuss or would like more information on Helen's latest work or events please drop her an email.